middle school

As our students enter the Middle Grades, they’ve already started on their path to becoming talented musicians, artists, writers, and scientists. Now, they’ll continue their lessons on other languages and cultures. Furthermore, students will start to expand their view on scientific concepts through experimentation and exploration of hypotheses.

class 6 - 8

At this point in Waldorf education, middle school students have already started on their path to becoming capable, confident professionals,
artisans and scientists. 

Students continue to create their own textbooks, with original writings and artworks to capture the lessons.  The students are transforming; they study transformation, through lessons in geology, physics, chemistry, and history. Their capacities to form accurate judgments are cultivated, as are their interests in seeking truth, beauty, and justice in biography, story, and art. The integrated curriculum includes foreign language, woodwork and handwork; music theory, chorus, and orchestra; and a variety of middle-school clubs.

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