See for yourself how the Waldorf curriculum has impacted these families and their children.

"We want our daughter to grow up to be a woman of strong mind, body and soul.  Waldorf education teaches excellence in academics, richness in the arts and music, respect of our natural world and reverence for our fellow mankind.  Waldorf teachers make learning come alive both mentally and physically.  Social skills take hold so that our children flourish.  This profound Waldorf education will serve our daughter for a lifetime--our gift to our child."                                                              
- Frank and Jessica Meyer, SWS parents       

"The Susquehanna Waldorf School is never far from my thoughts. I still fantasize about winning the lottery and giving it to the school so that many more children could experience the childhood mine had the opportunity to experience."
- Annie Hunt, SWS Alumni parent

“The Susquehanna Waldorf School provided a foundation that has supported me through high school, college, and professionally since my graduation from the school in 1998. I realize more each year the positive impact that the school’s curriculum and teachers have had on my life—developing me physically, intellectually, and emotionally in a way that wouldn’t have been possible at any other school.  I currently work as a web developer in a position that requires me to solve problems both analytically and creatively. I know that the Waldorf education I received has not only helped me to solve these problems on my own, but has enabled me to work with others when I need a new perspective.”                                                           
- David Getz, SWS 1998 Alumnus

"...The attention the school puts on the individual and their unique qualities is wonderful."
- SWS Early Childhood parent                                

"When I first walked through the entrance to the Waldorf School, I felt at home. I knew my daughters would be cared for. And I was right. They have learned, grown and matured into the young women they are today. Their maturation and growth (spiritually, emotionally and intellectually) is partly the result of a curriculum focused on the child’s developmental readiness. Couple the curriculum with small classes and a loving family spirit via their teachers, they learn how to cooperate as they make decisions, yet are able to compete when needed. Waldorf education has enabled my children to embrace the wholeness of who they are. Dare I ask for more—maybe a high school?”
- The Carlisle’s, SWS parents

"Prospective parents should all come for the first day of school assembly--that is the place where all the best of SWS is on display--a whole program designed to honor education and the transitions of childhood with all of the reverence and celebration they deserve."
- SWS Parent

"There is no one kind of Waldorf student or parent."
- Monica Calvin, SWS parent

"Waldorf education has played a tremendous role in defining my life's perspective, and as such it infuses virtually every aspect of my life-- relationships, professional development, hobbies, interests, personal growth and ways of being. Waldorf taught me to view the world with soft eyes and an open heart, to bear witness to the interconnectedness of absolutely everything, to appreciate beauty, to appreciate nature, to appreciate my fellow human beings and all the other creatures roaming or growing from this earth. Waldorf taught me that a person's worth-- and my own worth-- is not defined by what they think, do, or say-- rather, we are all, intrinsically, worthy. As I approach, again and again, the edges and magnitude of my own life journey, this is perhaps the greatest lesson of all. I remain grateful to my Waldorf education, my teachers, my classmates and close friends, and the Susquehanna Waldorf school, in particular, for being such a warm, colorful, and fertile space from which to grow."
- Laura Newcomer, SWS 1999 Alumnae

"Being personally acquainted with a number of Waldorf students, I can say that they come closer to realizing their own potentials than practically anyone I know."
- Joseph Weizenbaum, Professor, MIT