waldorf curriculum

At the Susquehanna Waldorf School, we take a hands-on approach with our student body that encourages integration of arts and academics – and gives richness to both. The results have been spectacular. According to WhyWaldorfWorks.org, the Waldorf curriculum sends 94% of its graduates to colleges across the nation. 

Designed to address the differing and changing phases that occur in the developing child between the ages of three and fourteen years, our curriculum encourages students to become analytical thinkers with imaginative minds capable of producing prolific, life-changing ideas.

“The belief that education is an 
artistic process lies at the heart of 
Waldorf philosophy.”

Respecting the Basics

Our curriculum is based on a system that recognizes and meets the need for strong development of the intellect. Our faculty is committed to excellence in all basic academic skills. We provide a full introduction to the classics, foreign languages, history, geography, mathematics, science – the subjects today’s child needs as a foundation for tomorrow’s complex and challenging civilization.

A Love of Learning

SWS fully believes that a fulfilled and creative life involves considerably more than mental development or the ability to earn a living. Important as these things are, every child also needs the balance provided by strong and healthy development in the life of will (the ability to get things done) and in the life of feelings (emotions, aesthetics, and social sensitivity). In short, a Waldorf education is designed to be the beginning of a life-long love of learning.