Guest speaker--Eugene Schwartz 9AM to 12:30PM

January 25, 2014 (All day)

 “Parents: The Other Two-Thirds of the Class”

No North American Waldorf practitioner would deny that twenty-first century parents are profoundly different from Waldorf parents of the last century. These differences are often explained in terms of such dismissive sociological categories as “Generation Y Parents” or “Helicopter Parents.” Eugene Schwartz argues that the new generation of parents -- and the generations that will follow them -- are actually a great blessing to Waldorf education, indeed, they are the ones who will help schools meet and form the future. In this lecture Eugene describes the surprising and profound ways in which parents are rightfully connected to their children, and encourages schools to envision a dramatically different relationship to their parent body.

This is open to the public—encourage others to attend!

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